HIV Prevention Program Organizational Self-Assessment Tool for Fiscal Management and Administration

HIV Testing in Nonclinical Settings: Aligning Protocols for Individuals and Couples

Four Step Guide to Improving HIV Prevention Activities and Strategies

HIV Testing in Nonclinical Settings: An Overview for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

Holistic Approach to Addressing HIV in Native Communities

HIP in the South video

Effective Grant Writing Part 1: Preparing for Success

Effective Grant Writing Part 2: Crafting a Winning Proposal

Building Capacity to Utilize Infographic Tools

HIV Prevention Billing Opportunities: Setting Fees

Transitioning to Billing Part 2: Best Practices for Successful Reimbursement

Strategic Positioning Part 1: Identifying Your Competitive Advantage

Strategic Positioning Part 2: Tools for Evaluating Specific Strategies and Opportunities

Why and How to Conduct a Cost Analysis

Ask the Billing Experts: How to Bill

Ready, Set, Recruit! Enlisting Effective Recruiters for HIV Testing Services

Capacity Building Assistance Portal for HIV Prevention

Where to Start, What to Ask: A Guide for LGBT People Choosing Healthcare Plans

4 Steps to Contracting with Health Plans & Provider Networks

Frequently Asked Questions about Contracts with Third-Party Payers

Ten Steps on Contracting with Insurance Companies

Billing Coding Guide for HIV Prevention

Billing for PrEP

List of ACA Preventive Services & CPT Codes

Insurance Verification Form

Sample Billing Ledger

Developing Organizational Buy-In for Billing

Obtaining a National Provider Identification Number

Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool

Clinic Revenue Projections Tool

Essential Components of Billing for Sexual Health Services

Developing a Strategy for Recruitment and Retention

After the Fact: An HIV Testing Refresher

SMART Couples Implementation Planner

Integrating HIV Patient Navigation Services: Lessons Learned

10 Steps to Billing: Implementation Checklist and Timeline

First-Party Billing Implementation & Considerations

Retention Best Practices

Billing Clearinghouses 101

Outsourced Billing Company: Considerations and Tips

In-House or Outsourced Billing

Sample Payer Mix Survey: Clinics with Limited Billing

Sample Payer Mix Survey: For Clinics Not Billing

Is it Time to Start Billing? Questions & Considerations

How to Initiate Third-Party Billing: A Case Study of Hartford STD Clinic

PrEP Questions & Answers for CBOs

Hepatitis C and HIV Prevention Services Integration

Facts about HIV & Hepatitis C Coinfection Infographic

The Role of Community Health Workers to Support Linkage to and Retention in HIV Care

HIP Training Calendar

CBA Provider Network

Becoming a Community Health Center

Desarrollando Historias de Modelos a Seguir en PROMESA de PrEP

Pharmaceutical Company Patient Assistance and Cost-Sharing Assistance Programs

Sample Partner Screen

The Right Time For a Business Plan

Social Media Policy Primer

Effective Interventions

What Works In Youth HIV


WE>AIDS: Health Coverage, HIV, and You

Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center (IHAP TAC)

In It Together

Access, Care and Engagement Technical Assistance Center (ACE TA Center)

Developing Gender-Responsive HIV Health Program

Fundamentals of HIV Patient Navigation

Every Dose, Every Day

Getting to Undetectable: HIV Medication Adherence Strategies for Your Clients

Documenting Referrals for Clients at High-Risk for HIV Infection

Social Monitoring and Evaluation eBook

Identifying Competitive Advantage along the HIV Care Continuum

Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation: Agency Evaluation Readiness Tool

Let’s Get Visual

Peer Advocates: Recruitment, Training, Support, and Retention Webinar

Ensuring Program Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges The ACA and HIV/AIDS Virtual Office Hours

Developing PROMISE RMS for PrEP, Booster session