Hepatitis C and HIV Prevention Services Integration

Archived webinar (August 2018). This webinar explored the risk factors of and populations affected by Hepatitis C. Experts described how Hepatitis C affects people living with HIV and strategies for integrating Hepatitis C prevention and treatment into current HIV services. Presenters reviewed national statistics and best practices as well as information about how Hepatitis C and HIV affect Native American communities.

Webinar speakers included Hannabah Blue with CBA@JSI, Andrew Reynolds the Hepatitis C Education Manager with Project Inform and Clinton Alexander, Executive Director of Sacred Spirits. Hannabah Blue has worked in the public health sector for about 10 years, with a central focus on HIV prevention and harm reduction. Andrew Reynolds works on a range of Hepatitis C-related issues including writing fact sheets and health booklets, managing awareness and testing campaigns and working on viral hepatitis policy and advocacy issues. Clinton Alexander brings expertise in working with Tribal communities around HIV, Hepatitis C, harm reduction, substance use prevention, and mental health.

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