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Peteria Chan

Peteria Chan, MPH, is an Evaluation Associate for CBA@JSI, where she collects and analyzes data to assess the quality of services provided by the CBA@JSI team. Her work experiences include conducting research and evaluation activities to better understand macro-level effects on health behaviors, such as policies, environments and systems, and also research activities to better understand the impact of public health and healthcare programs on client health outcomes. She currently serves as an evaluator for the Emergency Department Recovery Coaches (EDRC) project, which seeks to evaluate the impact of peer recovery coaches delivering and engaging clients in services in emergency departments. For this project, she has created resources for clients to enhance data collection and data quality, and she regularly conducts analysis and reporting to project stakeholders. Peteria received her MPH in Health Promotion and Behavior Science from The University of Texas Health Science Center’s School of Public Health.

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