Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool

This Excel workbook is designed to assist clinics estimate revenue from third-party billing and the costs associated with billing. Clinics can estimate the costs of in-house or outsourced billing and compare them to estimated revenue.

SMART Couples Implementation Planner

The SMART Couples Strategy Implementation Planner is a tool to improve HIV medication adherence through social support. This strategy was originally implemented with heterosexual and same-sex HIV-discordant couples who had been in a relationship for at least six...

Retention Best Practices

A handout listing the known best practices for successful retention developed for a Recruitment and Retention Strategy Development Virtual Workshop.

Billing Clearinghouses 101

A description of billing clearinghouses including the process, benefits, items to consider, and steps to acquire clearinghouse billing services.

In-House or Outsourced Billing

A decision-making tool that describes the pros, cons and considerations to explore before making the decision to use in-house or outsourced billing services.