HIV Prevention Billing Opportunities: Setting Fees

February 11, 2015 This one-hour webinar covers considerations and processes a CBO needs to take into account when setting fees for billing, as well as share supportive tools, such as a sample HIV prevention Superbill. Presentation Slides | Text-only...

Why and How to Conduct a Cost Analysis

September 10, 2014 This webinar defines what a cost analysis is, how an organization can use it, and provides four simple tools for you to conduct a cost analysis at the organizational, programmatic and services/visit level. In addition, it begins to explore how to...

Ask the Billing Experts: How to Bill

February 19, 2015 In this webinar, billing experts from JSI and Moss Healthcare Management Consulting walk community-based organizations providing HIV prevention services through the main considerations of transitioning towards billing and answer questions from the...

Billing Coding Guide for HIV Prevention

This coding guide describes scenarios for PrEP initiation and follow-up, adherence, linkage and other counseling services, and for lab tests for HIV and other STIs.

Billing for PrEP

A summary of billing codes compiled from medical providers across the country who are prescribing Truvada for PrEP to their clients.