After the Fact: An HIV Testing Refresher

Presentation developed for a one-day training event to review procedures for the delivery of HIV test results, with increased attention to the delivery of HIV-positive test results and the additional protocols they require.

SMART Couples Implementation Planner

The SMART Couples Strategy Implementation Planner is a tool to improve HIV medication adherence through social support. This strategy was originally implemented with heterosexual and same-sex HIV-discordant couples who had been in a relationship for at least six...

Integrating HIV Patient Navigation Services: Lessons Learned

March 3, 2015 In response to the increased demand on learning Patient Navigation (PN) services, CBA@JSI hosted presentation on a Patient Navigation model, lessons learned, and best practices implemented in New Orleans by NO/AIDS Task Force. Presentation Slides |...

Retention Best Practices

A handout listing the known best practices for successful retention developed for a Recruitment and Retention Strategy Development Virtual Workshop.

Billing Clearinghouses 101

A description of billing clearinghouses including the process, benefits, items to consider, and steps to acquire clearinghouse billing services.