Technical and Subject Matter Experts

Liesl BradfordLiesl Lu, MS, is a Curriculum Developer with CBA@JSI. She brings 11 years of experience in health communications, program planning, training, TA, evaluation, and curriculum development across key public health areas including immunization, health IT, tobacco control, and HIV/AIDS. She is experienced in engaging and communicating with key stakeholders to translate policy into programs and promote population-based health initiatives as well as targeted campaigns. At JSI, she currently serves as an Activity Manager on the ACE TA Center where she oversees and develops training and TA of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program providers for the Human Resources Services Administration HIV /AIDS Bureau (HRSA/HAB). She also monitors health IT grantees and develops videos to highlight their successes. As the Roll-Out Coordinator for the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS), Liesl provided TA to health care providers to report immunization data to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She developed the pilot and statewide roll-out approaches and the associated training curriculum for providers including training videos, job aides, and workflows.

Prior to joining JSI, Liesl assessed the promotion materials and activities of the HIV Rapid Test in Afro-Honduran communities in Honduras and developed recommendations to overcome barriers to access. For the Boston Public Health Commission’s Smoke-Free Homes Initiative, Liesl researched and evaluated materials to create the program content and website layout. She then designed a New Media Strategic Communications Plan to further outreach to targeted audiences.

Liesl received her Master of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health with a focus in health communication, organizational management, and program planning and evaluation.

Peteria ChanPeteria Chan, MPH is an Evaluation Associate for CBA@JSI, where she collects and analyzes data to assess the quality of services provided by the CBA@JSI team. Her work experiences include conducting research and evaluation activities to better understand macro-level effects on health behaviors, such as policies, environments and systems, and also research activities to better understand the impact of public health and healthcare programs on client health outcomes. She currently serves as an evaluator for the Emergency Department Recovery Coaches (EDRC) project, which seeks to evaluate the impact of peer recovery coaches delivering and engaging clients in services in emergency departments. For this project, she has created resources for clients to enhance data collection and data quality, and she regularly conducts analysis and reporting to project stakeholders. Peteria received her MPH in Health Promotion and Behavior Science from The University of Texas Health Science Center’s School of Public Health.

Andi GoetschiusAndrea Goetschius, MA, BFA, is a Visual Designer for CBA@JSI. Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in visual health communication, including expertise in graphic and web design, branding, art direction, and social marketing campaigns. She specializes in tailoring materials to meet audience needs and has experience developing campaigns on sexual and reproductive health, and maternal and child health.



Molly Higgins-Biddle, MPH, is an Evaluation Associate for CBA@JSI, where she collects and analyzes data to assess the quality of services provided by the CBA@JSI team. She currently serves as an evaluator for the Title X National Training Center on Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Evaluation project where she is conducting a national evaluation of the five Family Planning National Training Centers and their training activities. Molly also regularly conducts quantitative data analysis in SAS using advanced statistical methods. As a follow up to JSI’s 2009 comprehensive survey of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) in the Boston EMA and Massachusetts, she conducted analyses focusing on the unique needs of PLWH over age 50 and PLWH with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. She received her MPH in Biostatistics from Boston University School of Public Health.

Jamal Refuge Jamal Refuge is a CBA Communication Specialist with CBA@JSI. Jamal has over 6 years Public Health experience in tobacco and HIV prevention. Jamal is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, with a concentration in Community Health Education, from Dillard University. He currently serves as the Online Community Manager for John Snow Inc., where he creates editorial calendars, develops social media projects, monitors data analytics and provides technical assistance to federal agencies, community-based organizations, AIDS-service organizations, and nonprofits. Previously, Jamal provided direct service to African American men who have sex with men, transgender women of color, youth, and others at-risk or living with HIV. He has successfully conducted behavioral interventions, performed 5 types of HIV testing technologies, linked high-risk individuals to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and provided case management support to individuals living with HIV. Additionally, he served as co-chair of Connect to Protect New Orleans; a coalition that focused on developing structural change objectives to support local and statewide HIV prevention efforts. Jamal’s core competencies include: HIV prevention and education, coalition building, HIV testing, social media marketing, and community outreach.

Holley Silirie Holley Silirie holds the position of Creative Director at JSI and has over 20 years experience in creative strategy, communications and design. She provides communications and marketing support for CBA@JSI and other JSI projects requiring creative strategy and execution. Prior to joining JSI, Holley worked in the private sector. Her agency clients have included: Emory Healthcare, The Task Force for for Global Health, Sheltering Arms, The Coca-Cola Company, Chick-fil-A, Showtime and Sotheby’s. She is passionate about finding conceptual solutions for real-world communication challenges, and has experience executing in both digital and print mediums including traditional marketing materials, books, video production, websites, web-based software and VR/AR training. Holley studied Information Architecture at Georgetown University, holds a Google Analytics certification, and completed the Visual Communication program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta where she now teaches Corporate Identity and Branding classes. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Studio Art from The State University of New York at Albany.

Rudy VegaRodolfo Vega, PhD, is a Technical Advisor for M&E and Behavioral Sciences with CBA@JSI. He has extensive experience in program evaluation, and capacity building assistance. Dr. Vega is in his sixth year as a senior evaluator and capacity building assistance provider to those HIV/AIDS prevention service organizations that are funded by the Centers for Disease Control. Since 2008 he has been the senior evaluator and capacity building assistance provider to the Border Health Foundation, a community-based organization that provides teenage pregnancy prevention services to over 3,000 students per year in Yuma County Arizona and the adjacent Imperial Valley County in California. Between FY 2006 and FY 2008 he was a senior evaluator for the Health and Human Services, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy.

Dr. Vega also conducted a similar evaluation for the Human Resources Services Administration HIV AIDS Bureau (HRSA/HAB). He designed, implemented, and reported on a qualitative impact evaluation of 22 HRSA/HAB programs funded by MAI. In these projects Dr. Vega has been responsible for overall leadership on the evaluation, directing development and implementation of formative, process and outcome evaluation, deliver capacity building and technical assistance services. Through these experiences Dr. Vega has acquired widespread knowledge and extensive experience in developing logic models, mixed methods analysis, literature reviews and development of evaluation instruments leading development of consensus documents or recommendations.

He is a member of the board of director of the National minority AIDS Council and of Summersearch, a leadership development program that provides ongoing and long-term support to low-income high school students.