Who We Are

CBA team 2018

CBA@JSI is a diverse, multilingual, multicultural team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in HIV prevention and care.

We have the skills to meet your needs. Our team includes HIV prevention and care professionals, trainers, evaluators, researchers, and clinicians; and experts in health care and service delivery, monitoring and evaluation for program improvement, communications, social media tools, distance learning technology, epidemiology, among other areas.

We know the challenges you face. We have direct experience working in and with community-based organizations (CBOs), community health centers, hospitals, health departments, and people living with HIV, as well as communities who may be at risk for HIV infection.

Our services are not “one size fits all.” We develop and provide CBA services tailored to your organization’s needs, including on-site technical assistance and training, distance learning opportunities (webinars and online trainings), and other technical support. Our team also provides technical assistance and training in Spanish.

Our services are available nationwide. CBA@JSI staff are located in our Atlanta, Boston, and Denver offices and are available nationwide to meet your CBA needs.

CBA@JSI’s services are free for CBOs that provide HIV prevention services in the U.S. CDC directly-funded CBOs should submit their requests for training and technical assistance through the CBA Request Information System (CRIS). All other organizations should contact their state health department to submit CBA requests.