“JSI is an excellent CBA provider. Their staff is very skilled and knowledgeable and go out of their way to ensure that their services meet the needs of the organization.” – Anonymous

“Hi Frances, You and Mariana did a great job and it was a pleasure meeting you. Please be assured that we want to work with JSI for future CBA work.” – AIDS Service Center NYC

“Thanks for helping me change the focus from me to the community.” – Anonymous

“I now know how to facilitate a group and how to get my message across” – Training in CO

“Most of what I learned was new. But the suggestions for building trust and motivating were very important” – Training in KS

“The ideas and ways of motivation and participation were great. The example list was a good and creative way to get the juices going.” – Anonymous

“Oh boy, I learned a lot at this meeting. When I first came I had no idea what to expect, but the whole training was new and extremely helpful” – Training in MT

“[The trainer] presented this workshop very effectively and comprehensively” – Training in UT

“Wow! The role playing exercise was incredibly empowering and educational here!” – Training in MO

“As Board president for ANAC, I am continually seeking new and innovative ways to provide valuable information on social media and digital strategizing  to our volunteer BOD members, many of whom have had little or no experience in this area.   In line with our goal of moving forward with organizational social media strategizing,we have found the “Social Media” e-learning program from JSI to be an invaluable tool. It is ideal for training participants with multiple levels of social media experience on the many ways these communication modalities can be integrated into our everyday work, and create new opportunities for organizational growth and enhancement.” – Robert Carroll